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CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: A block, usually of iron, upon which objects are shaped and hammered e.g. in smithing.
anvil stone
CATEGORY: lithics
DEFINITION: A stone on which other stones or materials (such as food) are placed and crushed with a stone tool.
anvil technique
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: A method of making chipped stone tools that involves striking a stone repeatedly against a static boulder used as an anvil
SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: hammer-and-anvil technique, paddling
CATEGORY: ceramics
DEFINITION: A technique to thin and even out the walls of coil- or slab-built vessels after they have partially hardened to leather" hardness to improve the bonding between coils or add surface texture. One holds an anvil or fist inside the vessel while the outside is struck repeatedly with a paddle which can be wrapped with cord or fabric to add texture to the vessel surface."
SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: paddle-and-anvil technique, paddle and anvil
CATEGORY: ceramics
DEFINITION: A pottery-making method in which a wooden paddle and a stone or ceramic disk are used to smooth and shape a coiled pot. The paddle was used to strike the exterior surface of the vessel as a convex stone or clay anvil was held against the corresponding interior surface.

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