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CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: A cylindrical open container with a handle, used to carry liquids
bucket urn
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Type of large middle Bronze Age pot found within the overall repertoire of the Deverel-Rimbury ceramic tradition of southern Britain in the period 1500 BC through to 1200 BC. Usually over 60cm high, bucket urns are shaped like modern buckets with straight slightly sloping sides, wider at the top than the bottom. They are fairly plain with occasional applied cordons decorated with finger-tip impressions. Found on domestic sites where they were presumably used as storage vessels and as containers for cremations they are often found as secondary burials in earlier round barrows.
bucket-urn tradition
CATEGORY: culture
DEFINITION: A ceramic tradition in Britain from about 5000-3000 years ago that was indigenous to Britain and identified by urn-shaped ceramics.

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