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bedrock feature
CATEGORY: feature
DEFINITION: A feature constructed into bedrock that does not fit any other feature type.
constructed feature
CATEGORY: feature
DEFINITION: A feature deliberately built to provide a setting for one or more activities, such as a house, storeroom, or burial chamber.
cumulative feature
CATEGORY: feature
DEFINITION: A feature that has been formed without deliberate construction or constraints. The feature results from accretion, for example, in a midden, or subtraction, for example, in a quarry.
DEFINITION: A nonmoveable/nonportable element of an archaeological site. It is any separate archaeological unit that is not recorded as a structure, a layer, or an isolated artifact; a wall, hearth, storage pit, or burial area are examples of features. A feature carries evidence of human activity and it is any constituent of an archaeological site which is not classed as a find, layer, or structure.
feature interface
CATEGORY: feature
DEFINITION: Unit of stratification resulting from the destruction of pre-existing stratification, rather than by the deposition of soils.
feature record
DEFINITION: A comprehensive and detailed summary of how a given feature was excavated, what was found in or associated with it, and an interpretation of what the feature represents.
feature termination
CATEGORY: lithics
DEFINITION: A gradual thinning of a lithic flake at the distal end to an extremely sharp point or edge.
horizontal feature interface
DEFINITION: The area associated with upstanding units of stratification and marking the interfacial levels to which the units have been dug.
vertical feature interface
CATEGORY: feature
DEFINITION: A unit marking a distinct event, such as the digging of a pit, and resulting in the destruction of pre-existing stratification.

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