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djed pillar
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: In Egypt, a widely found amulet of roughly cruciform style with at least three crossbars. It seems to have been a fetish from prehistoric times and came to represent the abstract concept of stability. Like the ankh, it was commonly used in friezes and painted inside the base of coffins.
Osirid pillar
CATEGORY: structure
DEFINITION: A square pillar with one of its faces carved in the form of a colossal statue of the god Osiris or a dead king. The pillar, most likely in an open court or portico, was not a weight-bearing element. Most are mummiform.
CATEGORY: structure; feature
DEFINITION: A roof-support column.
pillar crypt
CATEGORY: structure
DEFINITION: In Minoan architecture, a basement room with one or two pillars. Some were incised with sacred symbols.
pillar-molded bowl
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Style of Roman glass bowl made by casting molten glass in a mould. Early examples are usually brightly colored, but after the 1st century AD most are a bluish-green color.

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