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CATEGORY: culture
DEFINITION: Industry in Chari Basin, Chad, associated with mound sites and dating to the late 2nd millennium BC.
DEFINITION: In the northwest Sahara, a basin with a long sequence from the Oldowan, Acheulian, and Aterian. Called a wadi or oued, meaning ephemeral stream, the Saoura is the longest wadi, running nearly 600 miles south from the High Atlas to the Saharan interior, where it eventually dies out.
Vila Nova de Sao Pedro
DEFINITION: Important Chalcolithic site near Santarém, Portugal with an unenclosed settlement c 3800 BC, succeeded by one surrounded by at least two bastioned stone walls, c 3200 BC. The first belonged to the Palmella culture and the final phase belonged to Beaker culture, c 2500 BC. Artifacts include copper axes, chisels, and daggers; pottery included Beaker material and local wares of the 3rd millennium BC. Strongly fortified settlements, such as this, accompanied by cemeteries containing rich collections of prestige goods suggest the appearance of a hierarchically organized society.

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