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Agate Basin
CATEGORY: site; culture
DEFINITION: A Palaeoindian site of Wyoming with evidence of the killing and butchering of animals. Artifacts include a distinctive point, scrapers, and eyed bone needles. The complex dates to 10,500-10,000 BP.
CATEGORY: geology
DEFINITION: A common semiprecious silica mineral and a variety of chalcedony that occurs in bands of various colors and is somewhat transparent. It is essentially a variety of quartz and was engraved in antiquity. Its name comes from a corruption of the word Achates, a river of Sicily, where Pliny said the mineral was first found.
agate glass
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: A striped-pattern glass created by mixing molten glass of different colors. The colored bands resemble those of natural agate.
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Any pottery that is veined and mottled to resemble agate

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