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Harris line
DEFINITION: A term for a stress line on human bone. These are alternating patterns of arrested (abnormal) and normal bone growth resulting from stress, such as starvation and disease.
Harris matrix
CATEGORY: technique
DEFINITION: A system devised by E. Harris for representing a site's stratigraphy in schematic form, emphasizing the chronological relationships between the various deposits. It is a method of summarizing the vertical and horizontal interrelationships of all the layers and features on a site in a diagrammatic form. It is the abstract representation of unequivocal stratigraphic relationships between layers, interfaces, and features in a lattice similar to a flow diagram.
SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: pl. arris, arrises
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: The sharp ridge or edge formed by the junction of two smooth surfaces, especially on the midrib of a dagger or sword, or in moldings.
garrison state
DEFINITION: A fortified state organized to serve primarily its own need for military security; also a state maintained by military power and established in a strategic position. The garrison states of the Zhou feudalistic network were protected by walled cities, and ruled by the kinsmen and allies through marriage with the Zhou royal house.

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