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DEFINITION: In the archaeological sense, any event that forces people to make decisions about how to deal with a new situation.
CATEGORY: feature
DEFINITION: A pathway or road, often paved but not macadamized. It was often a raised road across a low or wet place or body of water - as from the Nile to a pyramid across the desert plateau. The term was used for the Roman roads, especially military ones, and was also applied to piers that extended into rivers or the sea.
causewayed camp
CATEGORY: structure
DEFINITION: A hilltop entrenchment characteristic of Neolithic times, 4th millennium BC, especially in southern Britain. The hilltop was enclosed by a series of concentric ditches, 1-4 in number, with internal banks and which were not continuous but interrupted by solid causeways (undisturbed lanes of earth). Pottery, animal bones, and domestic garbage stratified within the ditches show that the camps were used during the entire Neolithic period. A common theory about the camps' use is as meeting places used at intervals by the population of a wide area.

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