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CATEGORY: lithics
DEFINITION: Any large, simple stone or pebble tool with a single, transverse cutting edge. It was used for hacking, breaking, or chopping and was especially characteristic of Middle Pleistocene, pre-Acheulian industries of the Old World, such as Choukoutien, in the Clactonian in England, and at the earliest levels of Oldowan industries. This crude tool was made by striking a limited number of flakes from the edge of a cobble or fist-size rock to produce a coarse cutting edge. It persisted until the Neolithic.
peripheral chopper
CATEGORY: lithics
DEFINITION: A pebble tool worked on both faces and often irregular in shape. The cutting edge can go around periphery or there may be a break; it can be plano-convex in section. It differs from biface in that it is often not axially symmetric and in the undifferentiated position of the cutting edge. It is characteristic of the Oldowan and Acheulian complexes.

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