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Upchurch ware
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Romano-British pottery industry making polished and burnished black and grey wares (e.g. poppy head beakers) in the Upchurch Marshes of Kent in southeastern England.
CATEGORY: structure
DEFINITION: A building used for collective Christian worship, the performance of ceremonies, pilgrimages, and the veneration of relics. The earliest churches were hidden in caves and catacombs. With the official acceptance of Christianity in the 4th century, larger buildings were built specifically for communal worship. In the early Christian period, baptisteries, martyria, and covered cemeteries often remained separate on the side of the building. Although the usual form of churches has been the hall or axial plan, other forms have also been used: circular, polygonal, or cross-shaped. The plan and appearance of a church is determined by its liturgical and ceremonial functions and by other symbolic and spiritual considerations.
stave church
SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: stave construction
CATEGORY: structure
DEFINITION: A church built of wooden staves, consisting of split logs (upright planks) either set directly into the ground or into a wooden sill (horizontal beam). These were mainly built in Norway from the 11th-13th centuries.

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