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ceramic ecology
CATEGORY: ceramics
DEFINITION: A framework for studying ceramics from the perspective of the manufacturing steps and use, analogous to the Chaine opératoire in lithic analysis.
cultural ecology
DEFINITION: A term describing the dynamic relationship between human society and its environment, in which culture is viewed as the primary adaptive mechanism in the relationship.
CATEGORY: related field
DEFINITION: The study of entire assemblages of living organisms and their physical milieus, which together constitute an integrated system. In archaeology, ecology seeks to reconstruct the past environment of man and his impact upon it. The term encompasses the relationship of plants and animals with their environment - climate, geology, soils, vegetation, other animals, man-made structures. Environmental archaeology is concerned with the ecology of man, but also with the ecology of other animals and plants living in the same environment.
human ecology
CATEGORY: related field
DEFINITION: The systematic study of the dynamic interrelationships between humans and their environments.
DEFINITION: The reconstruction and study of an ancient environments and ecologies.

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