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CATEGORY: structure
DEFINITION: A channel or grove running up a pillar or running up the center of a projectile point made of stone. In architecture, a flute resembles half of a flute split longitudinally, with the concave side outwards. In referring to projectile point artifacts, the mark is a distinctive longitudinal groove left on the point after removal of a channel flake. It is characteristic of Folsom and Clovis points.
fluted lanceolate projectile point
CATEGORY: lithics
DEFINITION: A stemless point with rounded edges, a channel chipped into the spine, and no differently shaped projection at the base.
fluted point
SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: fluted projectile point
CATEGORY: lithics
DEFINITION: A projectile point with a distinctive longitudinal groove left after removal of a channel flake; a long, medial channel notched to the base of a flake. The channeled flake is removed from one or both faces by striking the specially prepared base sharply with a piece of wood or bone. The sharp ridges of the flutes were ground smooth near the base of the point, to prevent them from cutting the bindings when the point was inserted into a notched foreshaft. These points have extreme symmetry, careful flaking, and the removal of a long, parallel and shallow flake from one or both sides. Fluted points are characteristic of the Palaeoindian peoples of North America such as the Clovis and Folsom projectile points.
flûte de Pan
CATEGORY: ceramics
DEFINITION: A type of suspension lug found on pottery of the Chassey, Cortaillod, and Lagozza cultures. Several vertical clay tubes, of width suitable to take a suspension cord, are set side-by-side on the wall of the vessel. The lug resembles a pan pipe or a section of corrugated cardboard.
lateral flute
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Any initial, usually short flute that was removed from either side of the midportion of the basal edge to form a striking platform for the removal of the median flute.
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: A term referring to projectile or tool which did not have a channel flake removed to form a flute.

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