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Amersfoot interstadial
CATEGORY: chronology
DEFINITION: An interstadial of the Weichselian stage which has radiocarbon dates between 68,000-65,000 bp, but it is possibly earlier.
Lightfoot, Dr. John (1602-1675)
CATEGORY: person
DEFINITION: The master of St. Catharine's and vice-chancellor of Cambridge University who in 1642 declared that humans, heaven, and earth all were created by the Trinity on October 23, 4004 BC at nine o'clock in the morning.
CATEGORY: ceramics
DEFINITION: An appendage attached along the circumference of a vessel's base to raise it above the surface on which the vessel rest.
foot survey
CATEGORY: technique
DEFINITION: Archaeological reconnaissance on foot; the direct observation of a surface by walking over it. It is often carried out with a set interval between members of the survey team and surface features and artifacts are plotted on a site map. Excavation is determined from this primary information.
foot warmer
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Any of various devices, as a small stove, for keeping one's feet warm
CATEGORY: structure
DEFINITION: A wall section below the basal stones. A footing is not a continuation of the wall masonry and its materials usually differ in size and shape from those used in the wall. Often, a footing is laid in a trench.
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: A low pedestal-like ring formed on the base of a vessel to enable it to stand more securely.
protruding foot beaker
CATEGORY: artifact; culture
DEFINITION: The typical vessel of the Late Neolithic in the Netherlands with radiocarbon dates from c 3200-2400 BC. The basic form has a splayed neck, S-shaped profile, and flat everted base. It has cord ornament, dentate spatula impressions, or herringbone incisions. The vessel also defines the culture, which had burial in either a single flat grave or a pit under a barrow, and used the battle-ax. The culture represents the Dutch branch of the widespread corded ware-battle-ax complex, or single-grave cultures. In the Netherlands, there is some hybridization between the Protruding Foot Beaker culture and the Bell Beaker.

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