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grey ware
CATEGORY: ceramics
DEFINITION: The typical household and ceremonial ceramic ware of Monte Albán and the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico, made from a fine gray paste in the middle Pre-Classic period. Grey ware occurs throughout Monte Albán's occupation, with some variations in shape and ornamentation. In the latter periods in the Oaxaca sequence, after the collapse of Monte Albán, Mixtec grey ware was distributed through the Valley. The Zapotecs' merge with the Mixtecs is suggested by the correlation between the distribution of the Mixtec ceramics in Zapotec households, c 1250-1521 AD.
Painted Grey ware
CATEGORY: ceramics
DEFINITION: A pottery type characteristic of Iron Age sites in northern India, with its center of distribution in the eastern Punjab and central Ganges Valley. It was a fine, wheelmade, thin-walled ware with a gray surface decorated with simple designs of circles and pothooks, made before 500 BC. The designs were in red or black paint. The forms that occur most frequently are a shallow dish and a deeper bowl. It occurs in deposits of the later 2nd millennium and early 1st millennium BC. Many authorities believe that Painted Grey ware was the pottery used by the early Aryans in India.

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