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body plug
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: An object used in the preparation of a body following death. It was used to plug the orifices of the body.
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Ear-shaped protuberances, sometimes flattened, added to the wall of a pot to assist in holding it. It may or may not be perforated. The hole was designed to take a cord or thong only and it was not a true handle.
DEFINITION: A Sumerian word for "king". In the Early Dynastic Period the rulers of Lagash called themselves "king" (lugal) though the city itself never was included within the official Sumerian canon of kingship. The lugal may originally have been a war leader.
panpipe lug
CATEGORY: ceramics
DEFINITION: A type of handle found on Neolithic pottery of the Chassey, Cortaillod, and Lagozza cultures in France, Switzerland, and northern Italy. It consisted of cylindrical vertical lugs placed side by side, thus resembling slightly the panpipe. The panpipe, a wind instrument, was widespread in Neolithic and later cultures, especially in Melanesia and pre-Columbian South America.
slug knife
SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: plano-convex knife
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Type of later Neolithic and early Bronze Age flint tool found in the British Isles, particularly associated with burials in northeastern England. Plano-convex knives have a leaf-shaped outline and slightly elongated form, worked on large thick flakes with retouch around and sometimes all over the convex dorsal surface but a plain untouched ventral surface.

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