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Mummy Cave
DEFINITION: A deeply stratified site in northwest Wyoming, containing 38 distinct cultural levels from which a series of radiocarbon dates was taken. There is evidence of intermittent occupation from at least 7300 BC-1580 AD. Subsistence activities were not based on the Big Game Hunting Tradition normally associated with the Plains area, but was a general hunting and gathering lifestyle. The cave is named for the desiccated body of an adult male who died there some 1200 years ago.
corn mummy
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: A type of anthropomorphic funerary object made of soil mixed with grains of corn, which was usually wrapped up in linen bandages and had a face mask.
DEFINITION: The dead body of a person or animal preserved according to the rites practiced in ancient Egypt. After removal of the organs to separate canopic jars, the body was treated with resin (natron) to dry it out thoroughly. It was then wrapped tightly in linen bandages, accompanied by jewelry, religious texts, and unguents of various kinds. Human mummies were then generally enclosed in cartonage, wooden, stone, or gold cases of human form, before being placed in the tomb. All stages of the procedure were accompanied by elaborate rituals, culminating in the ceremony of the 'opening of the mouth', which symbolically restored to the completed mummy the faculties of life. The practice arose from the accidental preservation of bodies by desiccation in the desert sand, giving rise to the idea that such preservation was necessary to the survival of the dead man's soul. It continued until the end of pharaonic times. The name derives from 'moumiya', or bitumen, with which the Persians mistakenly thought the bodies were coated.
mummy label
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: A type of identification tag used during the Greco-Roman period, when corpses were regularly being transported from the home to the cemetery or back to their village. The tags were made of wood and, occasionally, stone. Mummy labels were inscribed with short ink texts in Greek or demotic, giving name, age, hometown, and destination of the deceased.

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