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DEFINITION: Pertaining to graves located within the confines of a settlement. Graves outside a settlement are extramural.
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: A work of art on a wall or ceiling surface.
mural art
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: A major category of Paleolithic art (along with portable art), consisting of painting, engraving, and sculpting on walls of caves, shelters, and cliffs; in southwestern Europe it is one of the hallmarks of the Upper Paleolithic.
mural tomb
CATEGORY: structure
DEFINITION: Mounded tombs of East Asia which have painted frescoes on the walls of the interior stone chamber. These tombs are associated with Koguryo, but also occur in China and Japan. The murals are genre paintings, portraits, and directional deities of the Chinese tradition.
pila muralia
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Latin term for a double-pointed wooden stake carried by Roman soldiers for use in fortifying the ramparts of temporary camps.

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