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CATEGORY: technique
DEFINITION: A conceptual framework for a scientific discipline; a set of assumptions, methodologies, and objectives that determine a scientific investigation. It is a strategy for integrating a research method, theory, and goals. Examples in archaeology are postprocessual archaeology, behavioral archaeology, and culture history. A paradigmatic classification is one based on an equal weighting of attributes, so that each class is defined by a cluster of unique attributes and is not dependent on the order in which the attributes were defined.
paradigmatic classification
CATEGORY: typology
DEFINITION: A type of systematics that employs a preconceived set of classes defined by the intersection of dimensions or attributes.
paradigmatic view
DEFINITION: A belief that science develops from a set of assumptions (paradigm) and that revolutionary science ends with the acceptance of a new paradigm which ushers in a period of normal science.
postprocessual paradigm
DEFINITION: A humanistic approach relying on ideational factors to explain archaeological findings, interpreting the past rather than testing hypotheses with scientific methods. The postprocessual paradigm sees change as arising from individuals' interactions within a symbolic or competitive system.
processual paradigm
DEFINITION: The approach explaining cultural, economic, and social change as being the result of adaptation to material conditions (e.g. the environment) as opposed to ideational factors

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