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bog sacrifice
DEFINITION: Human bodies, animals, and artifacts that were deliberately deposited in peat bogs and other watery places, most notably in Denmark, but also elsewhere in northwestern Europe.
DEFINITION: Many societies in various parts of the world and at different times have practiced animal or human sacrifice or both. One of the best-known examples in the Old World is the Mesopotamian city of Ur's Royal Cemetery. The Vedic and Hindu religions of India also have a complicated system of sacrifice. In the New World, the practice of animal and human sacrifice was an aspect of almost all Mesoamerican cultures and dates back into the early Formative Period, c 6000-4800 BC. The extreme expression of sacrifice occurs in the Post-Classic, especially under the Aztec, whose perception of the universe as a continuing battle between the forces of generation and destruction made sacrifice a prerequisite for the continuation of the world. Sacrifice is fundamentally a religious act that has been of profound significance to individuals and social groups throughout history.

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