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image segmentation
DEFINITION: Any method for splitting an image into areas that share some property and contrast with their neighbors, used to identify regions or their edges in either spatial analysis or grouping methods.
lorica segmentata
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Latin term for a type of body armor worn by Roman legionaries, consisting of a cuirass made from iron strips hinged together.
CATEGORY: lithics
DEFINITION: Small stone tool made on a blade or bladelet and shaped like part of a circle; the backing is along a curved arc opposite a straight unretouched edge. It was hafted, possibly as a projectile tip or as part of a cutting tool. Segments occur in some sub-Saharan African Howiesons Poor and Later Stone Age assemblages and are widespread in North Africa.
segmental bowl
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Bowl of which the body forms part of the segment of a sphere.
segmentary society
DEFINITION: Any relatively small and autonomous group, usually agriculturists, who regulates their own affairs. In some cases, they may join together with other segmentary societies to form a larger ethnic unit. There are isolated, permanently occupied houses (dispersed settlement pattern) or permanent villages (nucleated pattern).
segmentation rule
CATEGORY: lithics
DEFINITION: A section of a snapped blade. A proximal segment is where it preserves the striking platform; a distal segment includes the distal end; and a medial segment lacks both ends.
segmented cist
SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: segmented gallery grave
CATEGORY: structure
DEFINITION: A type of megalithic tomb - cist or burial chamber - divided into compartments by jambs projecting from the walls, or by sill stones (septal slabs) set transversely on edge across the floor. These tombs are sometimes labeled segmented gallery graves. Good examples are in the British Isles among the Clyde Carlingford tombs.

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