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Orchestra Shell Cave
DEFINITION: Cave near Perth, Western Australia, occupied at least 6500 years ago. The finger markings resemble those in Koonalda Cave.
eggshell ware
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Small, delicate beakers, bowls, or jars, usually in white or cream, but occasionally black. The name refers to the sides of the vessels which are typically 2mm or less thick. Imported to Britain in the 1st century AD and imitated locally.
ostrich eggshell
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: The shells of ostrich eggs, sometimes used as containers for water and pigments like ochre and specularite. Fragments were also made into beads by Later Stone Age people in southern and East Africa. Sometimes decorated with incisions and often found buried near springs and streams. Fragments found at Middle and Later Stone Age sites. Earliest from 14,000-year-old fragments at Boomplaas Cave in South Africa.
CATEGORY: fauna; artifact
DEFINITION: A hard rigid usually calcareous covering or support of an animal, as a mollusk. Many varieties of shell were used in antiquity, apart from the use of their contents as food. Some were used for tools (oyster, conch) and others were made into jewelry or used for decorative inlays. Others, such as ostrich and smaller seashells, were used to make beads. Shell was perforated and strung on necklaces since at least the Upper Palaeolithic. It is frequently found in tombs, probably symbolizing the resurrection. Shell was traded widely to areas where it was not locally available.
shell midden
CATEGORY: feature
DEFINITION: An archaeological deposit consisting of a refuse mound of discarded shells, offering evidence of early human use of certain mollusks. These often extensive heaps are the result of many years of exploitation of marine resources as a main or supplementary food source. Shell middens provide information on diet, harvesting techniques, subsistence economy, and seasonality.
shell tempering
CATEGORY: ceramics
DEFINITION: The addition of small pieces of crushed shell to the paste used in creating a ceramic object.
shell-gritted ware
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: Pottery made from a fabric tempered with crushed marine shell or fossil shell.

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