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CATEGORY: geography
DEFINITION: Wide mountain basins found at high elevations in the Central Andes (3000-4000 miles), and which have cool, moist climates.
mocronate tip
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: A type of distal end or tip treatment in which a small sharp nipple has been left on the very tip of the blade.
multiple fluting
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: A technique of fluting that involved the removal of two short lateral flutes in preparation for the removal of a longer flute.
multiple working hypotheses
CATEGORY: technique
DEFINITION: The simultaneous testing of alternative hypotheses to minimize bias and maximize the chances of finding the best available choice.
multiplication rule
CATEGORY: measure
DEFINITION: In probability, a rule that determines the probability of the intersection of events, p(A and B) = p(A)p(B | A).
multiplier effect
DEFINITION: A term used in systems thinking to describe the process by which changes in one field of human activity (subsystem) sometimes act to promote changes in other fields and in turn act on the original subsystem itself. An instance of positive feedback, it is thought by some to be one of the primary mechanisms of societal change.
CATEGORY: artifact
DEFINITION: The top and bottom of a point or blade
tipi ring
CATEGORY: feature
DEFINITION: Any circle of stones found in the Northern (Great) Plains of North America, thought to be the remains of weights used to hold up a tipi (tepee).
CATEGORY: feature
DEFINITION: Term applied to a feature in places where rubbish has been dumped (pits, ditches, mounds) and the deposit assumes a sloping line as a result of the material slipping until it reaches a point (or angle) of rest. The stratigraphy of such a deposit will show a number of sloping levels, or tip lines, and by studying the direction and disposition of these it is often possible to see how the deposit is accumulated.

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